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Hiring a part time maid could greatly increase your time and energy, allowing you to spend it doing more of what you love or need to do. Raising a family and working are already difficult tasks as it is. Adding housework on top of these things can create exhaustion and an inability to focus on what matters the most in your life. However, many individuals believe that the expenses behind hiring a maid can stress their budget, and so they forgo hiring some extra help to help maintain their living quarters. Here are a few reasons that hiring a part time maid could actually improve your circumstances in the departments of finance and time management.

Getting Ahead of the Game

You have had a long day at work, but you still have more work to do once you get home. As you are trying to move forward with your career, you desire to put a some extra effort and time into that project that your employer assigned you. Such measures would prove your competence and dedication to the job. But as you walk through the door, you notice that a variety of tasks must be completed in order to maintain a healthy, tidy household. The bathroom is in a state of disarray and needs to be scrubbed down well. In the kitchen, you notice a mountain of dishes that need scrubbing and stowing away into the dishwasher. Not only do you wish to sit quietly to work on your project, but you are too exhausted to perform these extra tasks that require so much physical effort.

A part time maid could help you eliminate some of these extra tasks. Since your career holds high importance in your life, a part time maid could help you create a tidy living space. Not only will you have more time to complete that extra bit of work at home, but you will also find it easier to hone in on your work with a neater living space. It is not uncommon for people to prefer a well-kept area in which they may work as opposed to an area where they cannot help but notice that a number of tasks need to be completed. With a part time maid, you have the ability to walk through the door after a day at the office, and notice with pride the state of cleanliness that presides over your home. You may then proceed to work on your project, comfortable with the surroundings and at ease with the fact that you do not have to lift a finger to ensure the health and neatness of your home.


Imagine a friend coming over to your home, and noticing how incredibly immaculate every room looks. From the bedroom to the bathroom, your living space is spotless. Your friend asks how you do it, managing a family, a career, and household that stays spotless. Your response: you have hired a part time maid to handle the housekeeping for you. This looks great on you, and provides an image of status and some power. Not everyone can hire someone to help out with the domestic duties right? Wrong. The key word here is part time. A part time maid makes it easy and affordable to ensure that your home looks picture perfect. And what if you opted to entertain a more stately guest, such as your employer or an individual of a higher status? They may well think you are on their level, by hiring personal help. Employing a part time maid means having a weekly package that fits your budget and covers the areas of housecleaning that you need the most help with.

Having a house that remains in a state of order and organization coupled with having someone hired to handle your specific needs at home provides the appearance of a goal-oriented, professional individual who takes pride in all aspects of his or her life, from family, to career, to the very aesthetics of their home. Even if you do not entertain guests regularly, you will feel more at home in your own living space, and more apt to a healthy, vital energy that offers an extra spring in your step as you walk in and out of the door each day. Additionally, that energy can be shared among your entire family as well. Your spouse can feel the same way you do, coming home to a clean, mess-free living space where little effort is needed to ensure tidiness. Even your children may appreciate the benefits of arriving to a place free of clutter, allowing them to focus on school activities, studying, and homework much more easily. The appearance of your home could add a new, healthy dimension to family matters, adding to the potential to create a stress-free environment.


You may be thinking to yourself that hiring any aid for your household would merely set you back in your budget or put a financial strain on your wallet. It does not have to be that way with a part time maid. A full-time maid may have to live with and on your provisions, while you pay her for her hours of work as well. A part time maid has a schedule created to your convenience, while tailoring to your personalized needs. You may have them come in as often or as little as you like, creating a schedule that works for you. The maid may come in daily for a couple of hours to ensure overall tidiness, or once or twice per week to help out with specific tasks that you may not have time for. Additionally, as mentioned before, you can save time and energy. Thus, you will become more proficient at performing some extra work at home, leading to your employer noticing your dedication to your position.

Instead of cramming all activities that need your performance into a hectic schedule, you can enjoy the flexibility it allows for you attend meetings, or work late. Such a service provides you with less stress in your life. You can go to work feeling refreshed and come home feeling the same way. Eventually, your employer will notice your extra efforts and promptness in delivering for the needs of that position. Perhaps a raise or a promotion is now in future? Hiring a part time maid can make all of this possible, with an affordable setup that allows you to chose.

As your trusted home cleaning service, our company specializes in home cleaning services. Individuals who have experienced the feeling of clean and fresh homes certainly understand what we meant.

Countless families have little to no time left for cleaning their house after a long day of work. And as time passed, they get used to staying in dirty and unhealthy homes leaving their family members to suffer. This has a hidden impact for every members of the family and can even increase stress level.

A dirty house could also pose a number of well known health problems related to germs and bacteria. But were you aware that stress can be a contributing factor for countless illnesses from high blood pressure to heartburn or acid reflux.

We are know that a dirty house can pose a number of health problem. The germs are bacteria are naked to the eyes but are always at work. Care for your family and start a regular cleaning package with us.

Daily cleaning for someone like you with a busy schedule can be tiring and stressful but do not worry, we are here to help you with all your home or office leaning needs. We offer competitive rates and we assured you will feel happier and healthier with a cleaner home.

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Part Time Maid, Office Cleaning, End Of Tenancy Cleaning, Weekly House Cleaning Rates

Part Time Maid, Office Cleaning, End Of Tenancy Cleaning, Weekly House Cleaning Rates
Part Time Maid, Office Cleaning, End Of Tenancy Cleaning, Weekly House Cleaning Rates
Benefit Part-Time Maid Full-Time Maid
Cost ✔ Less expensive (hourly rate starting from SGD 25 to SGD 35) ❌ More expensive (monthly salary starting from SGD 500 to SGD 750, $300 monthly maid levy, agency fee $2000 plus additional expenses such as food and accommodation)
Flexibility ✔ More flexible, with the ability to customize services according to the homeowner’s needs ❌ Less flexible, with set work hours and responsibilities
Quality of Service ✔ More specialized cleaning skills, and may offer a higher quality of service for specific tasks ❌ May have a broader range of skills, but may not specialize in specific tasks
Privacy ✔ Greater privacy and control over the home environment ❌ Homeowners may feel uncomfortable with someone else constantly in their home
Legal Requirements ✔ Fewer legal requirements and less paperwork ❌ More legal requirements and paperwork, including compliance with MOM’s employment regulations and providing food and accommodation


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