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Where To Get Professional Carpet cleaning Company in Singapore?

Looking for carpet cleaning service in Singapore? Professional carpet cleaning is something that you would rather leave to the experts instead of doing it on your own. This ensures that it is done in the best way possible to enjoy a thoroughly cleaned carpet. There are a number of companies that offer carpet cleaning service but it is important to be very careful so as to only work with the best. Some of the places where you can find a great company include:

This is one of the best places to find amazing carpet cleaning service as there are numerous options at your disposal. All you have to do is use popular search engines and key in the type of services that you are looking for and you will get a list of companies that can work for you. Go through the services as well as prices that are offered to find the one that suits your needs best. You can read reviews that have been written by other clients who have worked with them before to find out if they are really the best persons for the job.

If you do not feel like putting in a lot of effort looking for a good carpet cleaning service, there is no need to worry as you can get reference from friends and family who have worked with a good company before. Avoid getting reference from someone who already works with such a company as they will not reveal the bad side of the company. It does not hurt to talk to more than one person so that you can at least have several options that you can compare and pick the best company for the job.

You can also use directories to get information about carpet cleaning companies. Though you will not find a lot of information on the companies, you will find contacts of companies that you can hire to work on your carpet. Gather a few contacts and talk to the companies to see what they have laid on the table. This will help you make an informed decision on the company to choose. Make sure you ask them as many questions as you can so that you can be clear about the services they have to be on the safe side.

It is also possible to find great carpet cleaning service through advertisements that have been placed by the companies. These can be found in a number of mediums such as newspapers, magazines, billboards and even notice boards in the neighborhood. Always follow your gut feeling when dealing with such ads as this can save you from working with a substandard company.

Regardless of where you look for the carpet cleaning company, it is important to make sure that you are clear with all the terms and conditions that are set forth to be on the safe side. Where possible, it is important to have a written contract with the company before they start the job. This way, incase there are any problems; you will have something to refer to.

If you are still unable to find reliable carpet cleaning companies in Singapore, do give us a try. We have professional carpet cleaners with the latest carpet cleaning technology. Call us to book an appointment now.

Why Choose Us As Your Carpet Cleaning Company?

Are you looking for the best carpet cleaning services? There are many companies in Singapore that can help you clean your carpet effectively. One of the best carpet cleaning companies is called as Part Time Maid. In this article, there are some reasons why you should choose this company to help you clean your carpet in your house. Many people believe that this company is much better than any other similar companies. Here are some of those reasons.

This is the first reason why many people consider Part Time Maid as the best carpet cleaning company. This company has different packages including several cleaning sessions. You are able to choose the best package that can meet your needs, preferences, and budgets. This company offers monthly and weekly contracts. There are no hidden charges or additional fees that are going to be charged to any customers. You are going to get what you pay for. You can decide the amount of hours or sessions based on your needs. The price for each package from this company is very reasonable.

All customers are able to choose whether they are going to use their cleaning products or any cleaning products from the company. Part Time Maid has a proven method to clean your carpet effectively. All maids who are hired by this company are very professional in cleaning your carpet inside your house. They always understand all customers’ needs. Its cleaning method is very effective to clean your carpet in the right way. It means that the cleaning process is not going to tear down or damage any items inside your house. This company always uses the best cleaning products that are completely safe for a human being.

Many people love using the service from Part Time Maid because all maids from this company focus on the professionalism in every job they do for their customers. This company always wants to give the highest quality service for all customers in order to make them happy with the service.

This company provides a flexible schedule for all customers. It means that you are able to setup the cleaning schedule based on the availability of you as the customer and also of the maid. You are able to decide whether you are going to use the service on the morning or evening.

This company has all kinds of home cleaning services that include vacuuming floors, dusting any rooms, cleaning kitchen, ironing clothes, washing clothes, and many more. You can use all service at the same price. It means that you are going to purchase the all-in-one cleaning package from this company. Many people love this package because they are able to get all services at the same time.

Those are some reasons why you should choose Part Time Maid as the best carpet cleaning company. It has a lot of important features that can help you clean your house, including your carpet, effectively. This company has a high reputation among all customers as the best cleaning service in Singapore. This company is also suitable for any business owners who want to keep their carpets clean because it is the best office carpet cleaning in this country.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

< 599 Sq Feet$0.50 - $0.60 per sq feet ($250 min charge)1 - 1½ hours
600-1200 Sq Feet$0.325 - $0.35 per sq feet2 - 2½ hours
1201-2500 Sq Feet$0.275 - $0.30 per sq feet3 - 4 hours
2501-5000 Sq Feet$0.225 - $0.25 per sq feet4 - 6 hours
5001-7999 Sq Feet$0.175 - $0.20 per sq feet> 8 hours
> 8000 Sq FeetOnsite Quote> 10 hours

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Rugs Cleaning (on the spot)$120 and above30 - 60 min per pcs
Rugs Cleaning (Pick up, Delivery)$120 and above (420 transportation charge)
Sofa cleaning
3 Seater L Shape Sofa$180 - $200
2 Seater Sofa$120 - $150
Single Seater Sofa$60 - $100
Curtain cleaning
Full length$35 and above
Mid length$30 and above
Mattress cleaning
Mattress with pillowsQueen, King/Super King Size$120 - $180
Mattress with pillowsSingle/Super single$80
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