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Why Choose Part Time Maid As your Domestic Helper?

There is no doubt that everyone wants to live in a neatly arranged home where every single detail is well attended to. Keeping a home clean is not only conducive for you and your family but also makes it more comfortable to live in. However, a vast majority of homeowners are often incapable of maintaining the cleanliness level of their homes due to various reasons most notably work commitments. It is therefore necessary to hire a domestic helper whose main job will be to ensure that all the domestic chores are completed and that the general cleanliness of the home is maintained. So, why should you choose a part time maid over a full time maid?

Save on Salary Costs

Most people are quite skeptical about hiring domestic helpers because of the salary costs involved in acquiring their services. It is particularly for this reason that such home owners end up overworking themselves as they try to juggle between domestic chores and other duties. What if someone told you that the services of part time maids are far cheaper as compared to full time helpers? Well, true to this statement, the services of part time helpers are quite affordable. After all, paying the domestic helper handsomely is worth it because your home is professionally cleaned.


Speaking of having a professionally cleaned home, it is essential to note that part time domestic helpers are well trained therefore equipped with all the necessary skills required to make your home a better place to live in. There are people who think that cleaning a house is just a matter of scrubbing the floors, dusting carpets or doing laundry among other things. Domestic helpers undergo specialized training to help them learn how to operate various cleaning machinery which are used to give your home the sparkle it deserves. Fortunately, there are quite a number of professional training institutions in Singapore which offer these services to part time domestic helpers.


Unlike full time maids who are entitled to living within your home as they perform their duties, part time maids only work according to your schedule thus offering you the flexibility you need to run your home. As a person with a family, there are times you need to be alone and have a good time without the interference of any outsider and there is no better way to achieve this than employing a part time maid who can be instructed to work at specific times. With a part time maid, you do not even need to make special arrangements regarding their accommodation.

Easily available

Having said that there are many agencies in Singapore who provide domestic helpers, there would be absolutely no reason for you to worry about the amount of time needed to find and hire one. All you need to do is to contact an agency of your preference and a part time maid will be made available for you. It is also possible to hire a domestic helper of your liking. This means that if you want a female part time maid who is above the age of 30, it won’t be difficult to find her.

Conclusively, there may be other reasons to hire a part time maid but the outlined ones are just sufficient to compel you into doing it!

The Benefits Of Having A Domestic Helper

We all know that modern lifestyles can be demanding to say the least and the last thing you want is to come home to an untidy house that you don’t have the time or energy to clean. Fortunately there is a solution to ensure your home stays in perfect condition without you having to sacrifice your time and it comes in the form of a domestic helper.

It is becoming more common for people to turn to the help of cleaning services in order to keep their homes in order, especially as they are an affordable solution to all your cleaning needs. If you are considering hiring a helper for your home then there are plenty of reasons why you should go about doing so! Here are some of the best reasons that might help sway you:

It might sound obvious but by employing a regular cleaner then you will ensure that your home is looking its best all the time. You really shouldn’t underestimate the impact a tidy home can have and it allows you to come home and immediately relax after a long day rather than having to stress about clutter.

So your domestic helper has done all the chores for you…what now? Well now you have a lot more time to spend with your loved ones! We know that people’s schedules can be very hectic and being able to free up any time is a great way to help you refocus on what’s important in life.

You might be surprised but research has shown that over 90% of surveyed people felt that they were “overwhelmed” by the untidiness of their homes. As you might expect it can be very stressful for people to attempt to deal with an untidy house, luckily having a regular cleaner is a cheap way of dealing with this issue. It’s also surprising how many couples and families have significant arguments about tidying their homes and by investing in a cleaner you are finding a simple solution to entirely remove the need for this argument.

A lot of people struggle with the daily cleaning chores that others find simple to do. If you are elderly, injured or simply aren’t at your home very often then a cleaner is an easy solution to make sure your home is clean without you risking any kind of serious injury or harm to yourself. Having a helper is also a great way to check the security of your home if you are away from it regularly too.

If you enjoy having regular guests over then you will no doubt take pride in the appearance of your home and we all know it is much more enjoyable to visit a clean home than a messy one. So if you are looking to make an initial good impression with your guests then ensuring your home is clean and tidy is the best way to do so. There might even be instances where guests are offended by a messy home and if you are preparing food for people in a dirty and cluttered kitchen then the chances are they will be less than impressed with the prospect of eating the food you have prepared!

Professional cleaning services tend to be entirely flexible to the needs of their clients, whether this is in the frequency of visits to the cleaning tasks required. There generally is never any job too big or small so you should never have any concerns in contacting or hiring a company. You might only want a cleaner once a month to ensure there is no dramatic build up of dirt or you could have a cleaner on a weekly basis and this will ensure you do not have to generally do any of the cleaning chores yourself.

You should never underestimate the impact hiring professional cleaners, they do not only bring their years of experience and skills in cleaning but also professional quality products that create that �new home’ feel that a lot of us couldn’t attain if we were to attempt to clean on our own. A lot of people aren’t aware that professional cleaners go through extensive training and experience throughout their years of work and this makes them perfect for the vast majority of jobs.

Most of us tend to give our homes a brief surface clean that doesn’t require too much effort and creates the impression that our homes are tidy and in order. But if you want to do a thorough clean then you will no doubt be surprised how much hard work it can be! So if you don’t have the adequate skills and products then chances are you are going to be putting a lot of time and sweat into cleaning your home and you might not be overly satisfied with the results.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to cleaning services and you can get very reasonable deals, especially when you look to use a cleaner on a regular basis. Though it is possible to have one of cleans where you pay for the number of hours a cleaner has to work in order to complete the specified tasks and this tends to be more expensive. So be sure to look around and find services that are not only competitive in prices but also well regarded when it comes to their clients.

When you do opt to hire a regular domestic helper you will usually be assigned one person depending on availability and this allows you to build up a relationship with this person and a level of trust where you feel comfortable with having them in your home whether you are there or not. For a lot of people the idea of a having a cleaner ‘snoop’ around their home can seem unappealing but a professional domestic service should act with the highest level of discretion and you should never feel uncomfortable about their presence.

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